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A deposit will be needed for any future services. Deposit amount will be determined on requested services.

If need for change of moving date upon request a new estimation may be subjected to change.

Only payments that will be refunded are those remaining fees other from cancelation fee.

Cancelation Policy: For any local booking that result into cancelation, there will be a $75 dollar cancelation fee.

Cancelation Policy: For all long distance moves that result in cancelation within 72 hours there will be a $150 dollar charge.

Return policy: no refunds, rescheduling will always be optional.

Areas that are included in local moving will include Philadelphia, (Surrounding Counties) South Jersey, North Jersey, Wilmington Delaware, Claymont Delaware, Newcastle Delaware (Surrounding Counties) and more.

Areas that are included in long distance will include New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Florida, Georgia, South Carolina North Carolina.  

We are not reliable for any items not packed or wrapped by movers, once moving or cleaning help arrives too destination they’re are on the clock, if movers are late you will still receive your full booking hours. Cancelation of booking will be non refundable but can be rescheduled. payment will be refunded if deposit was made and movers were unavailable. Any job that exceeds 30 mins past the hour will be granted a full hourly labor rate. If Job exceed original hours of labor; you then will need too extend labor hours with 7 Day Movers please note any cash given too employers will  Automatically expire any contract made with 7 Day Movers. As a result 7 Day Movers will not be help accountable for any damages or mishaps. All tips and customer courtesy will be highly appreciated and recommended. If you book your own truck you will need your own insurance; as well be responsible for gas and mileage for your truck.